PhysCon 2016

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November 3-5, 2016
Silicon Valley

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This compilation of articles by SPS Chapter Reporters captures the full depth and breadth of PhysCon 2012.

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Listen to audio and view videos of several PhysCon 2012 plenary speakers.

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Chapter Fundraising Tips for the Quadrennial Physics Congress 

  • Approach your Student Government/Senate for funds: Emphasize that it is a national meeting of physics students and professionals with top-notch speakers (list them). It may also be helpful to build in a contribution by the student and the department with the proposal-$100 each or so.
  • Take Advantage of Department Specific Items: Have a used book sale; have a garage sale or silent auction of department junk. Old scientific apparatus make fine curiosities (you might even try selling them on ebay!).
  • Tie fundraising in with SPS activities: Sell physics themed t-shirts/toys for a profit; host a liquid nitrogen ice cream social.
  • Don’t forget about food: sell donuts or other baked goods regularly in your Physics/Science building in high traffic areas; see if a local restaurant has a fundraising deal (eg: selling chicken biscuits to students for breakfast and delivering them to their dorms); sell pizza and snacks during a ‘study party’ before big tests.
  • Do a community demo show and sell tickets
  • Sell raffle tickets for a prize, like fun physics toys, movies, or t-shirts
  • Hold a change drive – ask students to donate any spare change they have
  • Write letters to alumni asking for donations, or put out something in the department newsletter
  • Talk with your school’s Development Office – they may know the best people to write letters to
  • Sponsor opportunities on your club/SPS website
  • Contact local churches to see if they will provide discounted transportation to the airport
  • Hold a Rent-a-Student fundraiser! Charge $25 per student for 3-4 hours of work
  • Ask your research adviser if there’s funding for you to present at a Congress
  • Approach your Summer REU or Internship advisors to see if they can provide support to present at this national meeting.
  • Sell SPS themed school supplies: pencils, notebooks, etc.
  • Chapters that want to present a poster on a Future Faces of Physics event on their campus are eligible for a $200 stipend (if you received a Future Faces of Physics Award, do a poster on what you did!)

2 Responses to Fundraising

  1. Md. Nizam Sayeed says:

    I am very much interested to join the congress. But I am from a third world country ( Bangladesh). So it is very hard for me to manage the registration fee+ transport fee+ accommodation fee+extra expense. I can hardly manage registration fee and expense. Is there any opportunity for interested students like us?

  2. Kendra Redmond says:

    Hi – We would love to have you at the SPS Physics Congress, but I know that attending is expensive for many people, especially for international students. We do have some travel assistance available through SPS Congress Chapter Reporter Awards, but they are designed for SPS chapters that bring four or more people to the meeting and are only $500, so I am guessing this won’t help you very much. If you are not able to attend, we will be streaming a lot of the talks online and hope to have a virtual poster gallery, so that is one way that people that can’t be there in person can still participate. We will be putting information about viewing talks and posters online as we finalize the details. If you are interested in the SPS Congress Chapter Reporter Awards, send me an email and let me know (
    Kendra Redmond, SPS Program Coordinator

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