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November 3-5, 2016
Silicon Valley

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Breakfast with the Scientists is a Congress tradition, where students can personally interact with professional scientists in small groups. The only professional physicists many students see are their professors, and this affords them the opportunity to talk with scientists involved in the world outside of academia.


Workshop leader Shelly Arnold interacts with students at 2012 PhysCon Breakfast with the Scientists. Photo credit: Ken Cole.

“The breakfast tables provided a level field where everyone took an interest in discussing and learning about science.” ~Grove City College SPS Chapter, 2012

“What we found most compelling about the conference was the chance to see and interact with the scientific community.” ~Juniata College SPS Chapter, 2008

“The 2008 Congress was my first immersion into the world of physics in a national forum. I learned quickly that networking is one of the most important skills that I, as a young scientist, would have to develop.I consider the Congress to be one of the most exciting events of my undergraduate career. I was able to see the opportunities that physicists have to contribute in many areas. The term ‘scientific community’ still sticks in my mind, and it is something I like to aim for as a goal, as club president for SPS. Because of the Congress I can understand truly what it means to be a part of a scientific community. A career in science is like a secret password that only people with similar interests know.” ~Ana Kiricova, Student, Benedictine University, IL


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