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November 3-5, 2016
Silicon Valley

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This compilation of articles by SPS Chapter Reporters captures the full depth and breadth of PhysCon 2012.

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The 2012 PhysCon held two very successful poster sessions November 9 & 10! We had nearly 200 attendees on topics ranging from the modeling of pirate detection to science outreach. Abstracts are available in the program (downloadable above).

Student Award Competition Prizes

OSA Foundation Outstanding Student Poster Grand Prize Awards:

Winners: Adam Simpson (Abilene Christian University), Michael Alemayehu (Morehouse College), Kelsey Schafer (Ohio State University), Morgan Smathers (Rhodes College), and Christopher Trennepohl (Davidson College)
Honorable Mentions: Valerie Jacobson (Colorado State University) and Adeyemo Adetogun (North Carolina Central University)
Winners & their abstracts also available to download.

The OSAF is a charitable organization that carries out philanthropic programs on behalf of The Optical Society (OSA) to provide honors, scholarships, and travel grants to recognize the contributions of leaders in the field and support the next generation of scientists and engineers. OSA is an AIP member society. The OSAF is generously sponsoring FIVE (5) $1000 awards to the five top poster presentations for PhysCon2012. If you wish to be considered for this award, indicate so on your abstract submission.

APS Forum on Physics and Society Outstanding Student Poster Award:

First place winner: Allen Scheie (Grove City College); Second place winners: Kofi Christie (Morehouse College) & Matthew Goszewski (Grove City College).
Honorable Mentions: Jeremy Johnson (Angelo State University) & Yulu Liu (Southeast University)
Winners & their abstracts also available to download.

The Forum on Physics and Society (FPS) is a unit of the American Physical Society, organized to address issues related to the interface of physics and society as a whole. The American Physical Society is an AIP member society. FPS is sponsoring a poster session at PhysCon, in addition to a student poster award. The FPS student poster award will be made to the undergraduate student whose work best demonstrates societal impact of physics research. To be considered for the award, posters should include information on the potential impact of the research on the environment, economy, security or other important aspect of society. The primary author of the poster must be an undergraduate student. If you wish to be considered for this award, indicate so on your abstract submission.

American Astronomical Society Outstanding Student Poster Awards:

First place winner: Mary McDaniel (University of North Alabama); Second place winner: Rachel Smullen (University of Wyoming); Third place winner: Jennifer Kadowaki (UCLA)
Honorable Mentions: Andrew Miller (Abilene Christian University) & Macarena Sagredo (Florida International University)
Winners & their abstracts also available to download.

The American Astronomical Society (AAS), established in 1899, is the major organization of professional astronomers and astrophysicists in North America. Its membership of more than 7,000 includes physicists, mathematicians, geologists, engineers, and others whose research interests lie within the broad spectrum of subjects comprising contemporary astronomy. The mission of the AAS is to enhance and share humanity’s scientific understanding of the universe.
The AAS is generously sponsoring three AAS Outstanding Student Poster Awards for undergraduate astronomy presenters at PhysCon2012. The first-place winner will receive a paid trip to either the 221st AAS meeting in Long Beach, CA, 6-10 January 2013, or the 222nd AAS meeting in Indianapolis, IN, 2-6 June 2013 (includes registration, travel, lodging, and meals). The second-place winner will receive complimentary registration and $500 toward travel expenses to either meeting, and the third-place winner will receive complimentary registration. If you wish to be considered for this award, indicate so on your abstract submission.

Good rules of thumb when presenting a poster:

  • Try and keep your poster under 800 words
  • DO A FIRST DRAFT. Have other people look at it, make suggestions, and revise it
  • Make sure your sections have a logical flow: introduction, methods, data, conclusions, etc.
  • Make sure all your graph axes have labels that are legible, and that all your equations are correct
  • Dress professionally and be prepared to answer questions when your poster is up

12 Responses to Poster Presentations

  1. Daniela Topasna says:

    How can the students check if their abstract has been uploaded? They have not received a confirmation.

    • Tracy Schwab says:

      Registrants who have submitted an abstract can check by logging in to the PhysCon registration site at: (click on the “Already Registered?” link). Click on the orange “My Answers” Tab (If you don’t see that tab, click on the gray “My Registration” tab above the orange menu). At the bottom of the “My Answers” page are two boxes for Art Show & Poster Session I, and Art Show & Poster Session II. If the abstract was successfully submitted, the document title will be displayed as a hyperlink in one (or both, if applicable) of those boxes.

      If the abstract is NOT displayed, it can be submitted by clicking on the orange “Modify” tab, then clicking on the “NEXT” button until the file upload screen is reached. Once the files have been uploaded, continue to click through the screens until the final page with the “FINISH” button is reached. Clicking “FINISH” will submit the abstract document and store it with the registration information.

  2. Andy Lundeen says:

    I cannot save the pdf template to my computer. How should I go about uploading my abstract?

  3. Amanda Winans says:

    My computer will not let me save the filled out abstract template. Should I print and then scan the template? What is the best way to send the form?

  4. Nathan Smith says:

    I do not see the orange “Modify” tab on the “My Answers” page. Today is the 15th, have I just missed the deadline, or am I looking in the wrong place? I was under the impression abstracts would be accepted through the 15th, did I misunderstand?

  5. Nene Diallo says:

    I am a first year physic major am new in the field, is it mandatory for each person to do a abstract poster

  6. Jennifer Kadowaki says:

    I’m currently on the waiting list. If I get off the wait list, I was hoping to present a research poster at the conference. How do I go about doing this? I’ve tried to submit my abstract through the online submission process last night, but I’ve encountered some road blocks namely due to the abstract submission site asking for a confirmation number which people on the wait list do not have.

    Also, is it possible to check our status and/or position on the wait list?

    • If you are on the waiting list and are accepted, we will take your abstract late. It just may need to be an addendum to the program. You can check your status on the waiting list by contacting Tracy Schwab via email or phone at (301) 209-3255

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