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In preparation for the 2008 Quadrennial Congress, a reading list was prepared for attendees so that individuals and chapters could engage in discussions before the conference met. This was such a success, we’ve put together another reading list for the 2012 PhysCon – and want to encourage everyone to participate! You can head over to the Forums and talk about the reading list with people all over the world. Don’t be afraid to get the conversation started! And most importantly, if you read the books and find you don’t like things that it says or you think it leaves things out or it’s the best material ever- let us know on the forums! Many of our resources are online, but check your local library for those that aren’t!

Check out what we think about the Media List, too, by checking out our Blog Posts.

2012 Media List

The Life Scientific – a 30-minute radio interview with Jocelyn Bell Burnell Talk about it in the Forum! 
MinutePhysics Videos – engaging videos explaining physics concepts in about a minute
The Very First Light – ‘The true inside story of the scientific journey back to the dawn of the universe’ written by Physics Nobel Prize winner, John Mather
Steller Detective – an online profile of Mercedes Richards
The Honest Broker: Making Sense of Science in Policy and Politics –  A book that attempts to make available for scientists the options they have in science policy issues
Focus On Physics Bachelor’s One Year Later –  An online report available on what physics bachelors are doing in the year after they graduate
The Scientist as Rebel – Freeman Dyson asserts that scientists have always been rebels
Student Blogging About Physics –  How can you engage students in physics class with blogging? An online article available through The Physics Teacher
It’s a Grand Slam! – an online article  chronicling a leadership academy for blind high school students
Last Voyage for the Keeper of the Hubble – a NYTimes profile of John Grunsfeld
Communicating the science of climate change –  an online Physics Today article on the importance of scientists effectively communicating climate change
Three interviews with John Johnson – Astrobites did a series of interviews with John Johnson, on graduate school admissions, undergraduate research, and exolab
Physics for Profit & Fun –  an online Physics Today article on developing products for industry
Cracking Open the Scientific Process –  A NYTimes article on scientific publication and open-access journals


3 Responses to Media List

  1. Karen Williams says:

    Reading is an article this week: Physics for Profit and Fun. I find the article to be an interesting case of how a physicist in industry does physics, manages, and assists in the production of a new product. The company is Sylvania and the product is high output fluorescent lamps. I loved the quote: “academic scientists can point to their publications as validation of their life’s work. I can see mine whenever I go to the mall and look up at the lights”. He discusses the advantages of working in industry versus wasting a great deal of time writing grants. I know a bit about industry as my Dad worked in engineering in industry for 53 years….he has some sage advice about working in industry run by certain manager generations. Is a quick read- now your turn, what did you think?

  2. Cody Mann says:

    I attended PhysCon 2012 and while I was there someone was trying to make a video using the song “Call me maybe” except using different lyrics related to science. I was curious if this ever got produced or not?

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