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Connecting Scientists & Science Policy

Anna Quider has put together a blog post on what you can do to make a difference in science policy, available here:

Connecting Science & Technology

At the Science & Technology workshop, led by Lee Sawyer, attendees were asked to consider a few questions after the discussion. Below are the questions, and a sampling of answers:

Q1. From your experience in the department/SPS chapter, what is the most important ‘new’ technology that’s available?

  • iPads. Each student at our school […] receives one and it’s an incredible resource
  • Anything that replaces an oscilloscope
  • Our department recently got a 3D printer
  • Smartphones probably…many sensors and uses, especially with the power of cloud computing
  • Introduction to programming programs for physicists
  • Data storage devices

Q2. What cool new technology do you wish were at your disposal?

  • Tablets and apps designed for integrated use in physics labs
  • Smart boards
  • Mathematica
  • The medical scanner developed by Harvard Medical School in 2008
  • Osmium oscilloscope app
  • Dual GPUs

Q3. What kind of app would an SPS Chapter use regularly?

  • The Square Card reader app is something my SPS Chapter used extensively while fundraising
  • Mathematica/WolframAlpha
  • Notability
  • Tutoring app or schedule-syncing app, to keep up with all SPS events

Q4. Are there things departments and SPS Chapters can do to help students prepare for using technology in professional research?

  • Keep us aware of new breakthroughs or making online workshops/videos explaining how to use new technology
  • Teaching us advanced computing techniques
  • Useful programming assignments and open ended projects are extremely helpful
  • More classes about computer work
  • Developing apps, online workshops for programming and app development

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